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DISCOVER yourself To BECOME yourself.

“Your way to better life”

What This Book is About...


What do you EXPECT?

You only get what you Expect...

Compiled and written by Quanlim-Life Pretoria South Africa
Address: 274A The Hillside, Lynnwood , Pretoria,
Tel: +27 12 361 4506
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About Quanlim Life

QUANLIM- LIFE will give you a better way, it will show you who you are, and it will help you to get rid of the things that are making you ill, ripping you from a pure healthy life, because of the old beliefs of the past and the pressure of the society that was created by us. It will help you to create your own reality.

QUANLIM-LIFE will assist you when you lack direction, motivation or control, or if you faced with fears, anxiety, or stress. Decision-making and limited beliefs as well as self-sabotage together with negative emotions can withhold you from a positive and healthy future.

QUANLIM-LIFE will give you the key to success that is in you, and never explored because of the people around you and the society you live in. Old conservative values of the past and the present are standing in the way of discovering yourself. Alternative health is the key to success, and the success is in you and you alone.

We do have the knowledge and the people to help you to get to a better life. Your turn around point will begin once you have decided to make a change in life. You attract to your life whatever you gave your attention too, either negative or positive; Life is all about choices, and if you don’t know who you are, and don’t know where you going you will never get to your destination. You need to synchronize with the universe, and to have faith in yourself. Your reality was created by you, to change it you need to change your limitations.

By using QUANLIM-LIFE we can assist you to obtain the maximum out of life; to explore yourself and the people around you; and assist you to really find your place in the universe!


The CHOICE of being HAPPY
Man will always be a being in the search for meaning
- Albert Einstein -

Sections in the book:

  • Section 1: Your Choices 11
  • Section 2: Definition of the Law of Attraction 18
  • Section 3: Understanding the significance of your words 22
  • Section 4: Deliberate Attraction 24
  • Section 5: Identify your Desire 25
  • Section 6: Negative Vibration 34
  • Section 7: Conscious and Unconscious mind 35
  • Section 8: Your 5 senses and what they do 38
  • Section 9: You are what you think 48
  • Section 10: Discover Something about Yourself. 55
  • Section 11: Intuitive Preference Questionnaire 58
  • Section 12: My Body the only Vehicle I have on Earth 73
  • Section 13: Blood Groups 89
  • Section 14: Hormones, Stress, Sex and PMS 119
  • Section 15: How to easy classify a person. 137
  • Section 16: Water and Blood 140
  • Section 17: Map of consciousness 144
  • Section 18: Listen to your Body and Sex 160
  • Section 19: Metabolic System and face 174
  • Section 20: You face says it All 179
  • Section 21: Your Emotions 198
  • Section 22: The Reality of Fear 209
  • Section 23: What are your Goals? 212
  • Section 24: Steps for Healing 222
  • Section 25: The Itinerary of Change 236
  • Section 26: Tools that you can Use 243
  • Section 27: Start your reality 257
  • Section 28: How to use your 24 hour a day 263
  • Section 29: How to become YES 268
  • MAPS: Human cell; Page 174
    Human Spinal; Page 173
    Human Face; Page 179
    Human; Blood flow 172

Section 1: Your choices

This is the negative thinking of choices, people like this are all around us every day, try to avoid it:

  • They have unresolved emotional issues that consume their thoughts.
  • They lack effective coping mechanisms to help them deal with emotional stress.
  • They tend to view life from a negative perspective and advocate pessimism.
  • They’re often consumed with worry and are fearful that something bad is going to happen to them or to the people they love.
  • They’re unable to give and receive love, and they lack self-love.
  • They’re overly controlling and have a difficult time going with the flow.
  • They laugh very little or engage infrequently in activities that develop their sense of humour.
  • They take life too seriously and have un-realistic self-expectations.
  • They suffer emotionally and see challenges as obstacles rather than opportunities to change.
  • They have a tendency to deny themselves the things that can improve their quality of life.
  • They don’t tend to the needs of their body by feeding it properly or giving it sufficient rest.
  • The lack of mental flexibility and the ability to make course corrections when needed.
  • They continue to make choices for other people’s reasons and not their own.
  • They have a difficult time expressing boundaries around what behaviour is acceptable to them.
  • They see their lives as not having meaning and experience hopelessness.
  • They resist change and are unwilling to let go of the past.
  • They don’t believe that stress affects the body or that it contributes to the formation of illness.

Knowing Your TRUTHS

Knowing your inner truths is key to attaining and nurturing intuitive wellness. If you are not following some of your truths, you may not feel as well as you could. Since you know what you want out of your life, you most likely understand the underlying truths that support you on your journey. It is imperative to know them, see them daily, and embrace them always.

Here is a simple exercise I would like you to play with. It has been helpful for me and has assisted many others in examining their beliefs. Take a look at the following list of personal truths. These are my truths, reflections of my teacher within. I suggest that you too make a list of your truths. You can write them down and tape the list to your desk or make a screen saver out of them. You can look at them when you are not flowing through your day, as you’d like to. The truths you are not following closely will light up for you; create pause and realignment re-establish a sense of inner peace.


  • Trust and commit to my wisdom
  • Mindfully live in the moment
  • Honour myself daily
  • Listen to the birds
  • Watch the clouds
  • Remember the bigger picture of life as I move through daily situations
  • Remember my purpose and my work
  • Endeavour to bring peace within and without
  • Sing
  • Feel compassion for all beings
  • Be loving kindness
  • Listen
  • Jump for joy
  • Stand up for my rights, feelings and purpose
  • Share with others
  • Live simply
  • Serve others
  • Have fun
  • Hug trees
  • Be in awe of the sky and land around me
  • Honour animals without hips and shoulders
  • Move my body daily
  • Eat in a sacred way
  • Keep in contact with those I love
  • Be honest with myself and others
  • Live happily
  • Listen to the clue of sadness
  • Honour my emotions and my mind
  • Write
  • Obtain and share knowledge
  • Listen to my guidance
  • Discern
  • Honour ceremony
  • Always set a sacred space for myself
  • Honour the paradoxes
  • Be free
  • Share love
  • Keep on
  • Dig deep reach high
  • Think unlimited thoughts in directions that move me
  • Go for it
  • Spread joy
  • Stay humble but not quiet
  • Roar
  • Weep Stay on my path but know that forks exist
  • Glow
  • Get into the energy of life
  • Always practice attentiveness of mind
  • Be generous.

Section 7: Conscious and Unconscious

Quanlim-Life and its methods are solely based on the human brain, especially on some ability’s that the unconscious lacks.
Expected knowledge and studies show that the unconscious has the following traits:-
The unconscious does not have the power of reason – it cannot argue;
Unconscious can only receive data directly from the conscious and only store it in the form that it was received in.
The unconscious cannot differentiate between right or wrong neither true or false.
The unconscious work production is consistent – it does not get tired or sleep. You cannot give it to much information.
It is expected to believe that you current life pattern, self-esteem and reality are based on data that is currently being stored in your unconscious.
You can observe what is already in the mind.
In being able to bring changes to your current life, you first have to change the data that is stored in your conscious.
There is approximately four ways you can change your conscious.
It is commonly accepted that if you can feed your conscious new information in the correct way, it will accept it, as it cannot tell the difference.
Quanlim uses visualizing as a method to present new information to the unconscious and so doing to present new uses.
Now that you have done the practical side on what your natural processing style is it will now be easier for you to visualize and create your destination and finally transfer it to your unconscious mind.

Remember, the Law of Attraction does not care whether you are remembering, pretending, celebrating, playing, creating, complaining or worrying.
It responds to what’s in your Vibration Bubble.

So, find proof, rejoice and send out a positive vibration.

The characteristics and ability of the

The Conscious:

  1. Right of Reason - can reason;
  2. The ability to observe - Five Senses;
  3. The right to differentiate;
  4. Work performance – get tired – sleep.

The Unconscious:

  1. Cannot tell the difference between right and wrong;
  2. Cannot differentiate between true or false;
  3. Has thus no ability to argue;
  4. Work Performance – stays constant – never gets tired – can take in endless information.

Section 28: How to utilize your 24 hour day

A day consists of 24 hours. According to World norms we all need to work 8 hours, have 8 hours of good deep sleep which totals 16 hours, the question now is, what do we do with the rest of the remaining 8 hours? We can say that we need an extra 2 hours to prepare and get ready to go to work. We need another 2 hours to get to work and back, which leaves us with 4 hours remaining.

These 4 hours are the most important 4 hours of your day, but most of us use it to watch TV, and other unimportant stuff.

We all need time to spend with ourselves, and with our loved ones. We need to have time to listen to ourselves, our thoughts and our goals. We need to feed our goals and our reality for the future that we create ourselves. Most of us do not have time to spend on ourselves. Our mind, body and soul are the most important things we need to survive on earth, and yet we don’t create time to give attention to these.
Television, mobile phones, electronic devices and computers are the culprits of destroying good and loving relationships. People are so involved with these devices that they do not have time to chat and enjoy good quality time with a special loved one. Internet sites and mobile devices like Face book, Twitter, Skype and Mixit, wsp although fabulous designs for communicating are busy destroying quality times. Love relationships are fading away because of all this.

We need to make a decision on all these elements which is sociable acceptable. It is accepted as important and “can’t live without”, but society accepted it without accommodating it in their existing time.

People watch television for hours, watching other people live and perform and they start accepting this as normal, they forget to live their own life and to perform their own tasks. They even organize their lives around a specific program, and they will not miss one episode.

Face book people expose themselves to the world, and some of them will even go on-line when people are visiting them to see if they have mail from a friend somewhere in the world. Face book, although a fantastic medium is busy ripping you from all your privacy, your family and friends lives. No matter what you set the settings.


Almost 10,000 copies sold.

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