Sunday, 26 February 2012 12:12

Good or Bad

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Good or Bad... Right or Wrong

The world and all the people are so busy checking what is right and what is wrong that all of us, just by focusing on this, are being trapped continuously in this same situation.  Never ask what is right or what is wrong…... NEVER JUDGE..

.It's all about what is GOOD and what is BAD.

If you FREE…. you will know what is good and what is bad.   Ask yourself what is good for you. Do what is good, and never ask if it’s right. It's your life, remember only PEOPLE can make you SICK ...

Eat what you like, what is good for you, surround you with positive people you like, people that is good for you, people with a clean spirit. Listen to yourself and do what is good for you. Be happy in yourself, no one can make you happy. Forget about the past, you live NOW

Don't let anybody threatened you with right or wrong…. don't be scared…. know the rules, but it's your decision to live within your guidelines of what is good for you.

Don't let anybody make you scare to take money from you for a service. These people are excellent in emotional manipulation. Never fear never Doubt.

ENJOY, be happy create your own reality, your own memories, don't worry what other people think or say about you, nobody may or can judge you. Keep you name safe and clean, but enjoy your special moments and live your life. Don't stay with people that do not add value to your life. Keep your body healthy.

Get your balance back, live in peace and harmony, be good and be happy.

You need to be FREE from ANYTHING that controls your Life.  Forget and Forgive and never be a victim of anything.

Your destiny is in your hands.

Believe in yourself, love yourself, and be happy in yourself

God is the creator of the Universe..He is in control.