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LIFEISELECT /QUANLIMLIFE.                                                         


Let us help you to become FREE, to get rid of STRESS, to get rid of EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION, NEGATIVE WORDS and NEGATIVE PEOPLE the NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENT of the Press and Media the TOXIC environment of society.

Start today by making use if this site.

We only bring you the message, a wake up call, a teaser to let you think.  You must be in control. You decide, you have a choice.

START today and change your HABITS. Discover yourself to become yourself. Focus and work on your strong points and make you believe in yourself.

Never except anything as done. Never let anybody make your decisions for you. Be happy in yourself

The Life you select is your LIFE.... LIFEISELECT.....your deserve it, your OWN Life.

FREEDOM is your right and your CHOICE.

LIVE NOW...you limited only by the thoughts that your chooses.

The Universe was created by God, Get yourself in Sync, Live in the Light and you will be yourself, receiving abundance , love and health.


was developed over a period of 24 years by Johann Pretorius (Human behavior analyst) who studied  and practiced various methods and combined them all in a program called QUANLIM LIFE.

His knowledge about the behavior of people and his ability to work with people in helping them to discover themselves made him very successful in this field. He has been practicing in Pretoria, South Africa for the past 15 years and helped a few thousand people to understand and become themselves.

With his knowledge of Counseling, Psychology, Social and Emotional Intelligence, Physiognomy,Limbic System,  Spiral Dynamics, Intuitive Wellness, Mind power, Quantum Awareness, Quantum Biofeedback , Executive EQ, Physical Essentials, Brain power, Health med, Intuitive Wellness, Human behavior and consciousness and career planning. He wrote a program that is simple, effective and correct. 

Johann is always busy with new studies and exploring new technologies,and he finish his book "DISCOVER YOURSELF TO BECOME YOURSELF . Available in January 2015.



Business Programs

Companies and their success depend on the sum of all their employees.

Almost every problem in a company can ultimately be traced back to human error in the form of incorrect decisions.

Over-exertion, over-stress, private difficulties due to family, separation, death etc. are the rule rather than the exception in companies.

Before you invest in any person let us do a full test on his/her health, mind body and spirit. This is one of the most important tests that will determine the capability of the person.

Before doing any investment in any company find out if the "JOCKEY" is sound stable and capable of doing it's job. NOT a medical test, because that is not accurate.

QUANLIM LIFE helps companies to find themselves again, to release their visions and their energy, and to get management and employees pulling together in the same direction.

QUANLIM LIFE can also help with monitoring, improvement and marketing of the company.

Quanlim Business is able to offer highly professional and very effective business program that will enable you to improve your business by identifying and improving problematic areas within your personnel structure.
Improve your worker / management relationships. This method will also guide you to make the correct career choice.

1. Analyze all personnel individually so as to ascertain each person's processing style.
2. Explore and discover the qualities in each person and to guide them into using these more efficiently.
3. Explore and measure the working relationships between your management staff and personnel.
4. Uncover the cause of unnatural behavior in various of your personnel members which, may be the cause of 
upsetting their normal performance.
5. The suggested program is widely used and has proved itself to be highly successful.

This program stimulates professional people into making a number of small but impact full changes to their lives. These changes can dramatically improve the individuals health, energy levels and the ability to manage the many pressures of commercial life in the 21st century.

They will be taught to discover themselves and come to know how to handle awkward situations within themselves thus, improving their working relationships. 

QUANLIM -LIFE BUSINESS; This highly professional effective business program will enable you to improve your business by identifying and improving problematic areas within your personnel structure. Together with all our programs we can improve the lives of the people working for you. One-on-one Personal  analysis.Career guidance and redirect.Team synergy.Team conflict ,building and resolution.Personnel development. Relationship Understanding.Recruitment, Appointment and Restructuring.(Prices on request and the Quantec Scan is not included if not specified.)

Mentor program; Let us help you to climb the ladder of success . Let us help you to get what you want. To reach your true self and to uncover your real potential . Contact us for the costs; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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