Sunday, 26 February 2012 12:12

Love and Joy

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Do you want more love in your life?  Do you want more happiness in your life?

The only pursuit that may be more popular than the pursuit of happiness is that of unconditional love. Our soul’s deepest desire is to be held, caressed, nurtured, cared for and accepted for being ourselves. 

In order to access this experience of unconditional love, we first need to be happy within ourselves. Before we can experience unconditional love from others, we first should nurture this unconditional love in ourselves. 

As we continue to become our own best friend and lover through accepting ourselves, our relationships should become stronger, deeper and more unconditionally loving. 

Unconditional love is the result of unconditional acceptance. You only live NOW.

"Acceptance" is a word we throw around as if it is so easy -- yet the weight of this word could sink a ship!

Joy and Happiness is you….it’s yours to claim. Live it and enjoy it

When we approach ourselves with high acceptance, we are able to extend it into the relationships around us, which then allows for deeper intimacy. Simply by being accepting of yourself, you are accepting others. This ability of deep self-acceptance expands the boundaries of connections with others. This is because we feel safe in an environment where judgment is absent -- and therefore we feel total acceptance. We feel confident being accepted for our true selves, and this allows us to relax and be comfortable with others.

We move beyond self-acceptance into using acceptance, in general, in order to experience greater love in ourselves and in our relationships. 

When you can "give up the struggle" and live in your own levels of acceptance, you can experience a freedom that allows true love to flow in you and around you.

So, when you accept yourself entirely, you create deeper intimacy with those around you. This intimacy is a birthplace for unconditional love.

A consistent learning process, unfolding in life through the practice of continual acceptance of self and others, allows for enormous opportunity for personal growth. When we enhance our own personal growth, we often become happier.  When we become happier, we can achieve life’s greatest offering: more love and happiness.

Support your love ones, en stand with them in every situation. Don't leave them when things are bad.

Happiness and love, this is what we all want. Someone to love you, to touch you, to be special to you, somebody you can trust, share and enjoy. We all need it.

Speak Life and you will get LIFE…. Create loving thoughts and you will receive love.