Sunday, 26 February 2012 12:11

Never except things

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You were born FREE,,stay FREE, Live FREE and enjoy your life.

We all grow up in a society with certain traditions, rules, and regulations.  We except it as done.. but we never thought about it, and think of what this traditions is doing to us.

We not living in the past, we live in the present, but we all need to be FREE.. Nobody has the right to control you through traditions and rules of the past and the present that will take away your freedom to live.

Never Except Emotional Manipulation

Healthy humans are wired to feel empathy. Therefore, when someone displays an emotional reaction, our instincts are typically to incorporate that emotional reaction in forming opinions or decisions. This seems natural and doesn't immediately paint a picture of a situation in which you may need to protect yourself. But because humans are wired to pay attention to others' emotional reactions, people sometimes use the significance of their emotional reactions for manipulation. Thus, emotional manipulation is when someone uses their emotional react to control or dominate. Anyone can display emotional manipulation, but it will be employed more frequently and is the trademark of a narcissist or psychopath. Therefore, it is important to become educated about emotional manipulation in the event that you do need to protect yourself. Emotional manipulation is a method of using words, body language and behavior for the purposes of provoking a particular reaction, getting a desired response or to just plain  screw you over. This is the name of the game in Corporate world of the world. Their is no more trust in this world. You earn Trust, you can never buy trust. Greediness has take over the world.

NEVER EXCEPT THINGS as done.. questions need to be asked.. ALWAYS ask WHAT is HE/SHE not telling me.  Look around you and see how nature is performing everyday, no rules, no judgement, no was created correctly, always working, and never greedy,.

The world is a bad place, the world have no leaders, everybody want money, wealth and prosperity. 

GREED is the name of the GAME.The STOCKMARKETS are the leaders. Leaders of Countries are only their for money, wealth ,greed and political power. All over the world  these leaders have bank accounts, Trusts and businesses and they all become FAT CATS and retire somewhere, and feed their family and friends for the rest of their lives. 

The world and its people became GREEDY..GREEDY for money..and in this process we destroying our world, our people , and our Children.

Information is available on the the press of a button, but the way to use and implement this is not easy.The world need people to implement the knowledge and this is a challenge.

Wake up and start fighting for your share of this world. If you've got nothing, you got nothing to loose. Never compromise and never fall in but always stand out.

Wise people will always have power. Don't loose your power.

Medical Performance;

We all believe that Doctors and Professors are very clever and need to be handle with respect. But the medical system of the world is sick and don't want you to be healed. They only treat symptoms and nothing more. They do one  test on another to find out what is wrong with you and milk you medical aid every time.

Medical aid companies are always busy with performance and giving out points, weekends away. They  like to treat you like a child, and want you to go to a gym and been tested for anything that they can think off. Everything to make your feel good.

Most Health shops are selling medicine and most of them don't have a clue what they selling. People don't  find out what they need to stay healthy. 

They believe every ad on TV and buy every single pill that is available on the market. Stop believing all these ads and monkey business reaping you from you hard earned money.

Visit and get yourself sorted out and find out why you are sick, feeling sick and why things go wrong.