Sunday, 26 February 2012 12:11

Pay to much to live

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Most of the people in the world WORK TO LIVE..WORK TO EAT... WORK TO SURVIVE.

We are paying TOO MUCH TO LIVE

We all need to start asking questions about the prices of FOOD, WATER, DRINKS, all the stuff we need to live.. WHY except the prices we pay..  OPEN your mouth and start complaining when you buy FOOD and DRINK.

Don't except a price, don't except a answer as alert and fight for yourself. Be kind be be fair.

Why do we all except the fact that people are getting all this HUGE SALARIES without bringing in Return on Productivity.. meaning they are not productive enough for the Salaries they earn.

Everything single cost in every Company are coming down to only one person... YOU the the end user and you need to PAY;

Get rid of all the unnecessary things and stop buying crap.

You receive marketing and advertising news on your mobile phone every day, people are calling you.. don't be nice.. just say in a friendly way.. I don't need it.

The cost of your water and electricity is far too high, the fat cats are manipulating you and they will go on because they have the control.

Banks are controlling you..they've got all your information, they just take money out of your account every month without asking or informing you.

Look at all the Debit orders you pay every month.. do need them all to live.. this put stress on you.. and money in the pocket of the receiver of your Debit order.

The world is living on CREDIT CARDS..even reward you with points if you spent and using your credit. You pay for it, nothing will come for FREE.

All these things that you bought or buying each day  are  ripping you from a FREE Life.. Make sure you need what you buy.

Use you earnings to save for days to come.. but use it to live FREE.. you only live once.. don't put yourself under financial stress to be part of the community you live in.

We need to live to work .. not work for  a living... Be Free  get yourself Free from DEBT...Get yourself Free from any institution.

STOP reacting on ADS on the TV.. or your magazine, your Radio station,...they make it so easy to buy. Find out if this is adding value to your life.

IT'S TIME TO FREE YOURSELF NOW. The world and it's people are in control of your life.

This is only a few to mention.

Don't FALL in STAND out.