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Seminar Workshop
Our Quanlimlife and Life I Select presented by Johann Pretorius, is very popular among audiences  around the Country.

This presentation will help you in planning your life, understanding and listening to your body and its needs. It is based on informing you how to use your body, your mind and your 5 senses to become more successful. Change your habits and make your choices.

This presentation is unique, simple and very interesting.

You can book a WORKSHOP at your premises  for yourself

If you want a speaker for a function,meeting or congress,  please make use of this presentation. Exclusive and always updated.

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Johann Pretorius

was developed over a period of 24 years by Johann Pretorius (Human behavior analyst) who studied  and practiced various methods and combined them all in a program called QUANLIM LIFE.

His knowledge about the behavior of people and his ability to work with people in helping them to discover themselves made him very successful in this field. He has been practicing in Pretoria, South Africa for the past 15 years and helped a few thousand people to understand and become themselves.

With his knowledge of Counseling, Psychology, Social and Emotional Intelligence, Physiognomy,Limbic System,  Spiral Dynamics, Intuitive Wellness, Mind power, Quantum Awareness, Quantum Biofeedback , Executive EQ, Physical Essentials, Brain power, Health med, Intuitive Wellness, Human behavior and consciousness and career planning. He wrote a program that is simple, effective and correct. 

Johann is always busy with new studies and exploring new technologies,and he finish his book "DISCOVER YOURSELF TO BECOME YOURSELF . Available in January 2015.


He is very successful in solving relationship problems as well as helping Professional Sports people to understand themselves. His way of dealing with relationship problems is very unique, and his approach is new, open and one on one. His way of approaching and helping students to make the right career choice with several special programs makes him one of a kind.

For the past 16 years he has restructured many companies by placing the right people in the right positions according to their natural processing style.

Johann is also a very well-known speaker and his way of thinking and inspiring people makes him very popular among his audience. His negotiating skills and his way of approaching people is one of his best qualities. His vibrant and passionate with a pioneering spirit and incredible leadership qualities. Ambitious and determined with as strong will and very confident of himself. His mind is set on his goal and will archive it.

Johann is a tireless speaker and lectures to both professional and lay groups and appeared on various Radio shows as an expert in his field. He is a regular MC and guest speaker at public functions. He believes that you cant receive if you don't give, and you will get what you expect to get. Find the real you, your inner self, your inner child and start living yourself. Become happy and confident in yourself.

Johann is a well known Mentor for many top Executives of several companies in South Africa and abroad. His way of communicating with people through their unique processing styles makes him very success full. 

He wrote a program called "Life I select" which will help you to use and understand you conscious and unconscious mind,and will help you to create your goals and your own reality.

Through his 25 years knowledge of the farming community in South Africa, he as compiled a FARMING PROGRAM to assist the farming community in understanding themselves, as well as their workers and family members. This is a unique program and the only one in existence.

Johann believe in himself, he is proud, stable, confident, social, observant, supportive,patient,devoted,ambitious and well balanced, and in sync with himself. He speak life and has no fear because he is true believer in the Divine love of God. Stay humble, if you ego start ruling you suffering will be in sight.

Since 2012 Johann is officially working in the International environment with top business and financial leaders. His knowledge of people in the corporate world is well respected where ever he worked. His knowledge is in great demand.

Since 2015 Johann is back and planning to do workshops and consultations as usual.

The way in which I keep myself inspired is to keep my basic things in balance and make sure that I ve planted a opportunity everyday. I make sure my family is in order, and spend enough time with people who are important to me, who add value to my life my friends, and then to make sure I stay healthy - which is surely one of the most important investments you can make. I speak life and live in love and harmony. I believe in God the Creator and in myself.

Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise,
Risking more than others think is safe,
Dreaming more than others think is practical,
And expecting more than others think is possible”    Johann Pretorius

In his private life he is planning to see more of the world with his family. He is a born entrepreneur and always busy improving his skills. His Children and Grandchildren is always part of his life.

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