Your heart and Emotions

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FREE yourself, you are in control of your FEELINGS, and YOUR HEART.


You are unique in whatever you do.

Our heart is the place of courage, integrity and commitment, love and spirit.

Our heart finds it difficult to lie to hide feelings and to be dishonest.

Our heart is a source of energy and deep feelings that call us to create, learn, cooperate, lead,serve and love. You heart is the power of your Life.

Identify your emotion when you wake up in the morning.

How do you speak, what is the kind of energy you carry with you. You need to identify your energy and your emotions. Emotional honesty, with morality on its side, makes you real and true. You need to have a vision filled with ambition.

Neurological evidence indicate that emotion is the source for the brainís higher reasoning power Ė Your shadow side of the heart, from which arise our rejection, self-doubt grief and anger. This is what make us negative and sick. Negative emotions is the main reason getting sick.

Let us help you to discover yourself to become yourself, to get your heart and your mind and body in balance.

Your HEART will know.

Letís be brave and own up to our shortcomings.

Letís breathe the fresh air of integrity and pure moral standings.

Attentiveness: What is the level of your applied alertness, the measure of your deepest complete attention that you are willing to devote to this specific person, situation or opportunity?

Concern: What is the level of your honest, genuine caring or interest you have in learning something new from this situation?

Self Ego : Is there a note of ego assertiveness, desire or willingness to use coercion to impose your will or agenda on others?

Entitlement: How much do you feel you deserve to get from this interaction, in return for minimal effort on your part.

The truth is the most powerful message we can ever release.

So letís be realĒ Letís have a good head on our shoulders, and of course, always with a heart...† will you give your heart to anybody else ???

There is evidence suggesting that only from the depths of integrity are we humans empowered to reach upwards with our finest creative talents. An important aspect of integrity, linked to morality, is to tell yourself:

Only I will know.

Only I will know if I betray my convictions and values.

Only I will know if I am unethical with people who trust me

Only I will know that I have no intention of honoring my promise.

Only I know the Truth, the song of my heart, or the pain of my heart.

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